The Royal London Hospital is based in the heart of the East End.  Founded in 1740 and residing in its current premises since 1757 the building is adorned with history.  The front of the building is a listed site and a familiar and known monument to the residents of East London. 


Photographer Tania Olive began photographing the hospital in 2010.  With the hospital preparing to move in to the modern blue glass building located behind the current building Olive has been capturing the spaces inside that will soon be lost.  As well as being a photographer, Olive is also a Paediatric Nurse who has worked in Paediatric A&E as for the last 7 years. 

The project initially started as a documentation of the spaces that she occupies within the hospital, but has branched out to other areas.  The hospital move, starts in December 2011 and will take up to two years to move sites.  Tania is interested in the relationship that staff and patients have with the current building and how people will feel moving from the old, run down but familiar site into a bigger, shiny, new environment. 

Shot on Mamiya, 120mm.

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